Infinite Pasabilities

Mission Statement: Established in 2006, Infinite PASAbilities is a collegiate dance team established through the Pilipino-American Student Association at California State University, Fullerton. This team was created with the purpose of uniting PASA members with a common love and passion for dance – an important and prominent aspect of contemporary Filipino culture. It is our goal to help individuals grow as dancers in a positive environment; giving them the opportunity to realize the infinite potential they have as an artist.


IP Spring 2014 Team

19. February 2014

Thank you to all who auditioned

Congratulations to the following people

Dianne Banal

Angela Natividad

*Alex/Ben Bautista

Armyn Padilla

Jasmine Atienza

Ethan Andaya

Phong Ngo

Danielle Barrera

Ismail Merad

*Morgan Freeman

*Manzerrat Ernult

*Yasmeen De La Cruz

*Danha Lee

Justine Bringman

Keilani Trias

*Cristelle Ligasan

Kelli Yamaguma

*Aira Calderon

Jorell Cacatian

*Ericson Dela Rea

Nicole Aguinaldo

Gordon Do

TJ Yarcia

Matt Martinez

Tim Giron

Darby Sherman

*SCHOLARSHIP: we will explain at the next practice

Practice is on Thursday February 20th!

Review Night

17. February 2014

HEY!!!! tonight is review night for the much anticipated auditions which are TOMORROW!! come to UTB at 7:00 for check-in and the auditions will start at 7:30. The two pieces are Love More and Senorita. If you want to learn more…. contact Hope to see you there!!!! 

Pre-Game Show Clippers

13. January 2014

HEYYY!!!!! Winter Team will be performing at Pre-Game Show for the Clippers. Come to the first practice TOMORROW!!!!!!! questions? contact Marisa Katsuda at (562)746-6663 or,com Hope to see you there!!!!

Here is Infinite PASAbilities’ Christmas set! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from IP Fall Team 2013! Enjoy (: